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Masters Degree and Postgraduate Course in Event and Business Tourism Management and Organisation 2012-13 (13th edition)


Barcelona is one of the leading cities for business tourism and possesses a network of first class companies and personnel specialized in event management and organization. Our programme combines this experience with university standard education.

For the last twelve years, this masters degree in event and business tourism management and organisation has been successfully completed by practitioners who have gone on to occupy posts in leading event management industry institutions and companies around the world, or have set up their own innovative and competent business projects.

Different types of events are dealt with: congresses, conventions, trade fairs, product launches, social and cultural events, which are studied from different angles: management, quality, marketing financing and production. Knowledge and experience are shared by leading specialists in event management, not only in classroom-based sessions but also in one-to-one tutorials for the final dissertation, and work placements in companies and institutions. All this is adapted to the interests of each course participant


  • To provide knowledge and teach specific skills and techniques in order to improve participants´ ability to manage and organize every type of event.

  • To develop professional leadership skills for the business tourism industry.

  • To provide participants with in-depth knowledge of the state of the business tourism industry and classification of events, not to mention recent industry trends and policies, with a view to providing solid career guidelines.

  • To acquire sufficient knowledge to carry out management and research projects.

Potential participants

This programme is aimed at:

Undergraduates and holders of university diplomas who wish to specialize in an economic activity with excellent prospects in our country.

Business people, senior managers or middle managers who are currently spending most or part of their professional time organizing and coordinating meetings, conferences, sporting events and so on in both the public and private sectors.


Classes will be imparted in Spanish except the first module, which will be in English. Course material will be in different languages but mainly in Spanish and English.

This postgraduate programme makes use of blended learning, in which classroom-based techniques are combined with online distance learning.

Classroom-based sessions: Most of the course is imparted in the classroom and theoretical content will be combined with practical analysis thanks to the specialised experience of our teaching staff.

Online sessions: Part of course content is delivered online with exclusive use for course participants. Distance learning guarantees permanent attention and communication among students, coordinators and lecturers, providing in-service training throughout the academic year. The platform will not only provide the participants with announcements, timetables, emails and thematic forums but also with supplementary literature and practical examples.

Work placements: work placements with event organisers are one of the most important features of the course, which is why a practical training period is compulsory to obtain our masters degree.


This programme gives you the chance to obtain the following three qualifications:

  • Masters Degree in Event Management and Organisation awarded by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on completion of the whole programme including the work placement and the dissertation.

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Event Management de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona awarded by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona on completion of the whole programme except the work placement and the dissertation.

  • UAB Postgraduate School attendance certificates on completion of least one of the specialized modules.

*Notice: People who haven´t got any University diploma or degree must have enough accredited experience in Event and Tourism Business Sector. Then only will be able to obtain an attendance certificate from UAB Postgraduate School.

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