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Masters in Tourism Management (IUP)

The huge amount of work generated by tourism as well as its future growth expectations means that it has become known as “the main 21st century industry”. This activity is a reflection of current economic globalization, which increasingly contributes to the creation of income and work. The fast-moving evolution of the tourism market requires the adaptation of companies and traditional destinations, and creates new business opportunities.

In this context practitioners need to constantly update their knowledge and at the same time new duties and professional profiles are created, which require education that is adapted to the needs of market evolution. This education should be specialised in the specific duties of tourism activity, both for companies and public institutions involved in tourism.

The Master in Tourism Management fulfills this need through a learning program for professional workers who aspire to take on new responsibilities, for entrepreneurs who wish to make a business plan reality, or university graduates seeking to develop their professional activity in the tourism field.


  • To provide a general vision of the tourism business, which is the leading 21st century industry, with a growing contribution of income and work in its different sectors.

  • To offer the necessary knowledge for the management of tourism in both the public and private sectors.

  • To enable participants to manage and organize tourism companies and institutions.

Potential participants

The Masters in Tourism Management is aimed at professional workers who aspire to take on new responsibilities, for entrepreneurs who wish to make a business plan reality, or for graduates seeking to work in the field of tourism.

In each case, the program for this Master facilitates the necessary skills in accordance with participants' professional aims:

In all the stuff about the Bologna process, they talk about “competencies” all the time. If you look at the English version it always says “skills”.

Practitioners with experience in this sector

  • Professional management for decision making.
  • Professional retraining: updating and widening of knowledge in a changing environment.

Graduates leaning towards a career in tourism

  • Systematized knowledge of the market and its possibilities.
  • Practical orientation linked to situations in the professional environment.

Practitioners aiming for a career change

  • Educational base to initiate an entrepreneurial project.
  • Adaptation to the working environment through case studies.


E-learning methodology at the Instituto Universitario de Postgrado (IUP) is active and collaborative. Course content comprises scenarios and real problematic situations in which the students have to take decisions.

The program is delivered in a virtual context in which participants solve case studies by interacting with their colleagues through the forum and e-mail, as well as consulting teaching staff about any doubts.

In this sense, this Masters in Tourism Management gradually integrates the necessary documents and tools for each task contains the documents and useful tools for each task in order to facilitate solutions to the case studies.

The learning process is progressive and students are assessed at the end of each working cycle by the lecturer, who is to take into account not only the individual project but also their role in group activities.

The final mark is obtained by continuos assessment in the following way:

Completion of the tasks in each module.

Participation in debating forums, group work and simulations.

Presentation of an individual project: business plan or research project.


Master in Tourism Management , awarded in collaboration with the University of Alacant, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and Universidad Carlos III Madrid.

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