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Preparation course for the Catalonia Tourist Guide exam


Next informative meeting: Thursday 21st of February, 2013, at 6.30 p.m. at Centre d´Estudis Prat (Roger de Lluria Street, 97, Barcelona). Confirm your attendance writting an e-mail to: info@fundacioprat.com


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In order to be certified as a Catalonia Tourist Guide it is necessary to have passed the test which the Tourist Department of ‘La Generalitat´ arranges annually. This will add value to your CV and is a real opportunity to make the most of the huge demand for qualified guides that Spain has.

The University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ‘Fundació Prat de Barcelona´ and the ‘Escola Superior de Turisme de Barcelona´ give you the opportunity to attend the seventh preparation course for this exam, with an average of 71% students passing the test at the last sittings.

The best mark in Catalonia at the last sitting was achieved by one of our course students.

Requirements to take the exam:

  • Over-18s.

  • Citizens of a country of the European Union or a country in collaboration with the ‘European Economic Field Accord´ or with a country having reciprocal agreements with Spain.

  • University graduates in Tourism, TEAT, DEAT or Grau.

  • any Bachelor´s Degree or

  • having passed the Advanced Training Programme on Tourist Information and Marketing. (Overseas qualifications should be validated and recognised by the Ministry of Education and Science.)

  • Knowledge of Catalan and Spanish, which should be accredited in accordance with the Decree.

Exam contents

A. Management, consultancy and assistance to tourist groups. Group dynamics.

B. Art, history, traditions, museums, monuments and historic sites in Catalonia.

C. Knowledge of current political, economic, social and cultural affairs in Catalonia.

Exam format

A written task consisting of 120 questions (true or false and multiple-choice) on the three content units (A,B and C ) of the sitting. Students will be able to choose between Catalan and Spanish. This is an eliminatory examination.

An oral test about a topic from the second section (B) of the content units.

Course features

This course is offered online and classroom based .

The online course: Through the UAB virtual campus, designed exclusively for this course, the students have the course syllabus, personalized tutorial sessions, a forum and additional educational resources at their disposal.

Access to the on-line campus will be available. Personalized and individual tutorial monitoring. Each student can start the course monitoring at any time. Starting date: 25th of February, 2013.

Classroom based sessions: 100 hours of lessons imparted by specialized teaching staff, 3 daily hours on Mondays and Wednesdays from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The online campus may be used as extra support. The access to the online campus will be operative at the beginning of february 2013.

Access to the online campus available. Beginning of classroom based lessons: 25th of February, 2013 , at 7 p.m. at Escola Superior de Turisme (Superior School of Tourism).

Both include the following:

Personalized tutoring

Mock tests for the oral and written examinations

Possibility to retake the course the following years, settling only the 20% of the course fees (depending on the current course and modality). This is an option for either those unable to sit the exam or fail it.



ESCOTUR: The union of the following 3 educational centers:

Logo Fundació Prat

University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the UAB. Innovative leading education model. A reference centre which offers two degrees (Degree in Tourism and Graduate -future Degree-) in Hotel Management with internal top-up courses), masters and postgraduates.

Logo Escola Superior de Turisme de Barcelona

Fundació Prat de Barcelona. With more than 80 years of experience the Fundació Prat imparts advanced training programmes in Tourism, with a long tradition in technical and professional education.

Escola Superior de Turisme de Barcelona. Wide tradition in the preparation of the classroom based version of the certification tests for Catalonia Tourist Guides and specialised courses in the tourism sector.

The three institutions have achieved the ISO Quality Certificate for their teaching methods: a guarantee of success for their students.

These three institutions have joined to impart this course together, seizing on the huge increase in international tourism in Catalonia and the consistent demand for qualified tourist guides , as well as the large number of qualified professionals willing to work in this promising profession.

Procedure timetable

Informative sessions

  • On Wednesday 6th February 2013, at 7:00 p.m. at Escola Superior de Turisme (Mercader Palace. Lledó Street 11. 08002 Barcelona).

Teaching staff

Qualified guides, graduates in tourism, history, as well as psychologists and sociologists and lecturers from the organising institutions.

Course fees

€ 870.00 (classroom based) 40% paid at enrolment (access to the on-line campus) and the rest* at the start of the course.
€ 755.00* (online)

*The remaining fees of the classroom-based and on-line courses in one single payment.

Including all content units of the sitting, the classroom-based lessons, personalized tutoring and in-situ mock tests (preparation for the language tests is not included).


University School of Tourism and Hotel Management
Edifici Blanc. Vila Universitària.
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra-Cerdanyola del Vallès
Tel 0034 93 592 97 10 – 0034 93 580 93 55
e-mail: eutdh@uab.cat
justi.hidalgo@uab.es ( Coordinator)
website: http://www.eutdh.cat/

Information and enrolment

Course website: http://www.eutdh.cat/articles-mostra-2426-eng-curso_de_preparacion_para_las_pruebas_de_guia_de_turismo_de_catalua.htm

Fundació Prat
Roger de Llúria, 97
08009 Barcelona
tel. 93 215 58 52
e-mail: jhidalgo@fundacioprat.com
website: www.fundacioprat.com

Escola Superior de Turisme
Lledó, 11
08002 Barcelona
tel. 93 436 03 63
e-mail: info@escolatur.com
website: www.escolatur.com

Course website


Information about the exam sitting

The organisers will send the exam sitting notification in order for participants to register.

In any case, the organisers are not responsible of the exams dates, the exams or if there isn´t an exam sitting during the course calendar of every edition.

Course coordinator

Justi Hidalgo Imbernón justi.hidalgo@uab.es / jhidalgo@fundacioprat.com

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