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Degree in Hotel Management

The new Hotel Management Degree in UAB started to be imparted at the University School of Tourism and Hotel Management- Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona in September 2013 (academic year 2013/2014).

La transformació del Graduat en Direcció Hotelera al Grau en Direcció Hotelera s'ha realitzat dins dels paràmetres que marca la convergència cap a l'Espai Europeu d'Educació Superior (EEES) a partir de la Declaració de la Sorbona de 1998 i de Bolonya de 1999 i el comunicat de Praga de 2001.

The change from Graduate Studies in Hotel Management to Hotel Management Degree has been made within the parameters marked by the convergence between the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), The Sorbonne Declaration (1999), the Bologna Declaration (1999), and the Prague Communiqué in 2011.

The basic objectives are:

  • The most appropriate teaching methodology and European Credit Transfer System (ETCS).

  • Equivalent and readable European qualification around Europe.

  • Job opportunities intended for the European market.

  • Education based on professional and academic competencies that facilitate employment.

  • Promotion of international mobility for students, lecturers, and service and administration personnel.

  • Impetus for European cooperation,

  • Courses structured in three cycles: undergraduate, postgraduate studies: master's degree and doctorate.

Since 2004, the University School of Tourism and Hotel Management–Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has applied these changes in order to introduce the new European university model (the UAB pilot adaptation plan). This transformation puts an end to a process initiated in 1999 with quality certification, on-going educational improvement, as well as certification of the environmental management and integrated management systems.

Different external awards have demonstrated the School's adaptation to tourist and hotel sector demand and the need for a well educated workforce. Among them, the award of the Competitiveness Prize for Organisational Innovation (2007) from Generalitat de Catalunya is an example.

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