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UE baccalaureate or bilateral agreement

Students can access Spanish university in the same conditions as Spanish students who have passed the general phase of the PAU exams, if they are eligible to access university in their home countries. They can do the specific phase after obtaining the appropriate credentials to certify that they meet university entrance requirements in the education system of their country.

Students must verify the entry requirements by the UNED (Spanish Open University). The related information can be found at: http://www.uned.es/accesoUE

After having the credentials of the UNED, s/he must apply for registration at the Oficina d´Orientació per a l´Accés a la Universitat.

More information through the UNED:
Phone 913986613
Email: selectue@admi.uned.es

Please note that:

  • Students who have accessed a Spanish university previously cannot use this way.

  • Aptitude tests must be taken for degrees that require them.

  • Students need not accredit their proficiency in languages in which the lessons are imparted at UAB.

  • Persons who have successfully completed Spanish and overseas entrance examinations may only use one of the two methods.

Students who wish to take the specific phase exam must also obtain the appropriate credential. In this case, applications may be made in advance by presenting the provisional documentation for such purposes.
Admission grade

The admission grade will be calculated with the following formula:

Credential grade + (a x M1) + (b x M2)

Where a and b are weighting parameters of the subjects of the specific phase.
And M1 and M2 are the subjects of the specific phase in which the student has got the best grade, if these subjects are linked to the same branch of knowledge that the degree the student wants to access.

Please note however, that for subjects of the specific phase to be considered, the exam grade must be higher than or equal to 5.

If in the credential there is no grade, it will be considered a 5.

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