Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Non-EU approved baccalaureate

Students from other states must apply for the equivalence of their pre-university qualifications to Spanish secondary school qualifications (Bachillerato) at the Spanish Ministry of Education.

Ministerio de Educación
(Subdirección General de Títulos, Convalidaciones y Homologaciones).
P. del Prado, 28.
28014 Madrid, Spain.
Tel. 91 506 56 00 - 902 21 85 00

Or at the Barcelona office:

Área de Alta Inspección en Educación
C/. Bergara,12.
08002 Barcelona, Spain.
Tel. 93 520 96 03

Please bear in mind that students who have the baccalaureate approval will not be able to repeat it afterwards . Thus, they will have to pass PAU exams origanised by the Spanish Open University (UNED) which has the same structure as the Pau exams taken by Spanish students. Headquarters:

C/. Bravo Murillo, 38.
Tel. 91 3986613

or area offices:

Travessera de les Corts, 159.
08028 – Barcelona, Spain
Tel. 902 27 25 23
A/e: info@barcelona.uned.es .

08222 – Terrassa, Spain
Tel. 902 27 25 23
A/e: info@terrassa.uned.es
A/I: http://www.uned-terrassa.es

A/e: Selectiv@adm.uned.es
91 398 66 13
A/I: http://info.uned.es

You can also take your PAU exams of the UNED at Spanish embassies or consulates.

With the approval and passed PAU exams you must apply for registration at the Oficina d´Orientació per a l´Accés a la Universitat (Guidance Office for University Access).

More information on approval:

Further information about PAU exams: www.uned.es

Admission grade

The formula for calculating the admission grade is the same as the one applied to all students in the Spanish educational system.

To calculate this grade, students will have to provide a certificate, duly translated and legalized. If this certificate is not provided the average of the academic record will be evaluated as 5.


Two sittings are held annually: ordinary and extraordinary or “free turn”. Each applicant will have an unlimited number of sittings in which to the exam.

On successful completion, applicants may repeat the exams as many times as they wish to in order to improve their grades. The highest grade will be taken into account.

Enrolment for the PAU exams is online http://accesnet.gencat.cat

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