Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

With CFGS (vocational further education courses) or equivalent

Courses that lead to such access

  • Tecnic superior of FP.

  • Tecnic superior in visual arts and design.

  • Tecnic esportiu superior (a further education sports qualification).

  • Successful completion of equivalent qualifications.


Students in possession of any of the qualifications listed above will have access to university level studies without an entrance exam. The average grade on the academic record of the further education courses (out of 10) is equivalent to the grade in the general admission phase.

Students can improve their grade for admission in the specific phase. The content of the test will consist of the specific subjects established for the 2nd high school mode and the test will be the same for high school students.

Admission Grade

The grade for admission to university consists of the FE course academic record plus the grade obtained in the specific phase. It will be a minimum of 5 out of a maximum of 14.

It is calculated by using the formula:

Admission Grade NMC + = (a * M1) + (b * M2)

NMC = Average of the further education course.
M1, M2 = two best grades of the subjects passed in the specific phase.
a, b = weighting parameters of the modules of the further education course (from 0.1 to 0.2)

Therefore, the students will have a different grade for each admission degree and university where s/he requests admittance.

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